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Join today, if for no other reason, our archive of barefoot candid videos, 100% real!! None of this is fake folks; I simply have good timing; and I have an ARCHIVE of videos i am YET to release … we honestly need MORE members to help support the site; especially if you appreciate LIVE, real scenarios, seeing what women Really do with their sexy feet in public places. Join Today!

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After a 2 month Vacation :: Updates scheduled to Return

Hey folks !!

I apologize for the un-announced Vacation; but It was greatly needed; In the meantime I hope many of you have enjoyed our archive of over 450 Videos of women’s sexy candid Feet.

NEW updates are scheduled to return THIS month; Please stay tuned; if you dropped your membership while I was away, now’s the time to pick it back up.


Please enjoy this FREE video from our Site!

Click here to JOIN :: Hott Candid FEET Videos for Almost Free! Below, enjoy just PART of a Video Series featuring an UP CLOSE look at bare soles, of a hot blonde girl eating lunch with her boyfriend; I was just in time!

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Nice Coffee Feet – Unreleased short video from – I’ve been kicking around the idea of releasing my Short Clips for FREE here on our YouTube Channel – So often in coffee shops we see women with beautiful feet, tapping away, enjoying their brew, paying no attention at all to the guys that pay so much attention to women’s feet – especially when they look nice like these

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August Bare Feet – Candids… updates

Last month, in June we released some really hot candid video series’ … hopefully our members are enjoying being part of one of the LOWEST – Most Affordable memberships for quality foot content online.

Bare feet in public are everywhere – it’s summer — I get hard just thinking about all the nice legs and feet are are waiting to be filmed; and our camera continues to catch girls in candid moments; luckily this website allows me to share those moments with foot lovers around the world!

Stay tuned as August promises some NEWLY released vids from 2007 – and 2008 — that you will absolutely Enjoy over and over again.

Also, I’d like to encourage our Members to burn our High Quality 720 p resolution candid videos to a DVD and watch them on your big screen tv’s; Nothing is better than watching a nice pair of feet on the big screen 😉 – Trust me, I’ve done it myself.

get ready for hot updates all month long!

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Candid Thoughts, Comments … Update Schedule Resumes

A few notes to share with you – I know I have not updated the site, or this blog in quite some time; Here is what’s been happening.

Update Schedule to Resume

Our Update scedule of Wed/Thurs will resume – NEW video series’ were added last night; and much more are coming this weekend (special updates) and Next week as well to help make up for the slack.

I’ve been Extremely Busy; but the good news is, I’ve got more than enough Candid Video Series’ to share – in fact last night I found some Oldy but Really Goodies that I can’t wait to get up on the site.

In some “sad” news – for now, I’m unable to find the Originals to a few fan favorites – Jittery Asian Library – a great video series for lovers of women’s Toes – oh man – here’s the official update on that: “It has just come to my attention, while reading the comment from aftkler, that parts 7,8,9 and 11 … sadly do not have original files; Something seems to have happened to the files; I did not have a backup for them – but Did so happen to have part 10 still; and so now it is up and working; ”

Thanks to one of our members for pointing this out – So it reminds me to tell you that if you are a member, and you spot a missing file, or a broken link, Notify me ASAP through our Contact page @

I Love women’s feet – bare feet are the sexiest part of a woman’s body (really the icing on the cake) – a girl with a great body looks even better when she’s got great feet – with that being said, I really want to increase the Candid Foot Community – I think right now it’s far too spread out.

There needs to be a Central location for good, quality candid feet content; I’ve invited many Candid Videographers from YouTube to share their work here in our blog; with Links
back to their channel or webpages – so far none have taken me up on the offer.

I think it would do all of us good – More traffic for their videos; More traffic for our blog – everyone wins. it would also give people one place to go, to find Quality Candid Feet videos like the ones you’ll find from me inside of our members section.

I’ve seen some others who do great work as well; but how do we get us all in One Place for the candid feet lovers around the world??

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Donna Matrix licking Soles??

This chick looks kind of like Donna Matrix – I’ll have to ask her and see if she did this; a real hot video; not candid, but I thought you all would enjoy it 🙂

No comments – in 2009

We’ve got some really very NICE candid videos coming your way this year in 2009; I can’t wait to release all these videos to you.

As always, we recommend you Burning these to a DVD and watching them on a Big Screen Television; or purchasing a Big Screen Monitor to enjoy these High Quality candid videos; Get the sense of being there, staring at sexy bare soles and wiggling toes – this site is a Foot Voyeur’s Paradise.

I’m also going to Release a FREE set of videos to our YouTube Channel, called “Girls Walking” – which basically are the candid videos that never made it to the site; videos that were cut short, filmed on the run, or literally a quick 10 seconds of footage of girls “walking” …

It’s one of the sexiest sights to see – a woman in flip flops or sandals walking, her shoes slapping against the soles of her feet; makes u want to pick her up and worship her soles immediately … and this Entire Collection of Vids will be released in 2009 – stay tuned for that.

If you haven’t already, Join our website – we’ve got awesome, affordable membership prices for you to get your fill, of candid bare feet!

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Feet Videos

We’ve added some new eye candy to our Home Page – Feet Videos at the top, showcasing our awesome collection of candid bare feet videos! High Quality and linked up from our YouTube page, we’re giving you a special peak inside our Members Area.

Check out some Videos that I enjoyed from Other candid film artists…

Join today if you haven’t already, to see more of Our 100% Original candid feet videos, all in High Quality 720 p – free samples on our YouTube page.

Visit us on YouTube

Add our MySpace page – and thanks for taking the time to stop by; Check out our new Home Page feet videos, and leave your thoughts with us below.

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New Updates: Contributors, and a New Look on the way!

Hey folks, how are all of you doing?

Hopefully, very well – I hope you’ve seen some sexy bare feet lately, some women in public kicking off their shoes, playing with them, popping their bare soles out of their heeled shoes, flip flops dangling and all the sexy stuff you Love to see – if not, Be sure to Join our site for some of the very Best Candid feet Videos online!

Speaking of which … I’m going to start inviting Contributors of Candid Feet Videos & photos To share their work with us here in our Blog; You’ll be able to visit their websites, and enjoy their contributions – stay tuned for that, I think it’ll be an exciting addition to our Blog.

Also, a NEW Option will be available here on our Home Page – We’re going to make it Possible for you to purchase Entire Videos From us – rather than joining to download them all; this option will be great for those of you who joined us in the past, but only want to download a ‘few’ of our videos (who knows why anyone would want to do that ??)

… But in case you do – We want to give you that choice.

Stay Tuned for that – NOW is updated Every Week! – With Videos and/or Photos added to our members section on Wed or Thurs –

Check out a few of our Recent Video updates – and be sure to keep an eye out for the Coming Updates and Welcomed additions to our Blog and Website! ©

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Members Area is back up…

Sorry for the inconvienance earlier, but our Web host moved us to a new server – this resulted in Temp Down Time for our members section.

We do apologize for the outage, but everything is working now.

Members Log In and enjoy !!

NEW Update Schedule!

In an attempt to be more ‘regular’ Updates for will now be posted every Wed or Thursday – You will get 5 new videos every Week, and Possibly 1-2 photo sets as well (YES PHOTO SETS ARE RETURNING!!)

We Love women’s feet – and nothing is hotter, than real, candid feet – women in public places, unaware that guys like you and I are checking out how they move, and position their lovely feet and toes, how they play with their shoes, how they flex their toes, and often, give us a view of their Bare Soles.

Speaking of which, we Specialize in bringing you Candid Bare Soles.

If you’re NOT a member – Join here

and look forward to Weekly Updates – now @ !!

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