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After a 2 month Vacation :: Updates scheduled to Return

Hey folks !!

I apologize for the un-announced Vacation; but It was greatly needed; In the meantime I hope many of you have enjoyed our archive of over 450 Videos of women’s sexy candid Feet.

NEW updates are scheduled to return THIS month; Please stay tuned; if you dropped your membership while I was away, now’s the time to pick it back up.


Please enjoy this FREE video from our Site!

Click here to JOIN :: Hott Candid FEET Videos for Almost Free! Below, enjoy just PART of a Video Series featuring an UP CLOSE look at bare soles, of a hot blonde girl eating lunch with her boyfriend; I was just in time!

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Members Area Screenshots

Over the past year I have been working to steadily upgrade and improve – I changed the colors up a bit; made it more a live – the black and gold with the brown background was ok as a start, but I wanted to ensure that this site speaks to the Quality of the material to be found inside.

Adding Video to this site was a Great step in the right direction; The trouble with photographing candid feet is, feet move!! So lots of the photos do come out blurry. Troublemakers would often give me flack over this while true foot lovers would appreciate the effort, and the courage it took to pull out a camera and take photos of women’s sexy bare feet.

However where Still photography fails us, there is No blurring on the videos – the feet are live, in action – you can see what I see – and even better the Quality of the video is very much eye pleasing & sole pleasing as well …(I mean soul)

I wanted to share some shots from inside our members area with you:

Our site is Very Simple and Easy to navigate – on our home page there are links to 3 areas of the site – Our Candid Videos, Our Candid Photos & Our Candid Bare feet blog…

There’s even an area for members to sound off – sharing their opinions and thoughts on our Candid Videos & Photos ….

The video page is an exact replica of our Video Preview page that allows you to browse our entire archive; The only differences are that you have Links to download our videos, aswell as a link to Watch the streaming version online.

Our WMV Streamer page is awesome really – as you can preview any one of our videos Before you commit to download it. Here’s a shot:

Our Photos have been on a haitus for a while; I have TONS in my archive that are currently being edited, and I hope to start having NEW updates for you very, Very soon … However it’s design was also updated, with a nice New Home page – showcasing the most recently added photo sets:

The photo sets are seperated into 6 Main “collections” – making it really easy to find the photos you’re looking for.

And like our Photo Preview page you can see it’s also the same inside our members area, allowing you links to download the sets you want to add to your collections.

Join our members section today, browse our collection of photos and videos – and enjoy one of the Best candid foot sites on the internet, for just $12.50/mo – Now with over 200 Videos, and over 4,000 images of candid bare feet – this site is a major Deal!

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The New blog

… i went with the City theme because that’s where the action takes place.

… the new blog, it was time for it – I’ll post news about updates, and what’s coming here – it’ll be good for fans of the site; The “members” blog will be replaced with something else; For now, members can log in and give their feedback, which will appear right on the members home page.

Log in today and let us know what you think of our Barefoot Candid Videos!

Look for new updates and news here! at the new Candid Bare Feet Blog

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Updates: New Videos added

5 new videos were added to our members section today, with more possibly on their way tonight.

The final two installments of the “Nice Heels” Video series were added, along with 3 of 7 from a NEW Video series, featuring the feet of a lovely lady as she spends a few moments with her boyfriend (at least thats who it looks like… )

The candid feet of the Cute Couple video series is worth seeing over and over again.

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High Quality Clips @

Check out our all new Clips @

Now you can see what I mean when I say our videos are in High Quality – you’re gonna love our candid videos – the close up angles of women’s feet In Motion!

Women do some very sexy things with their feet; often without realizing how sexy it is, that it’s sexy, or that men everywhere are getting turned on at the site of them wiggling their feet around.

Every time I leave the house I take my camera along for the ride, just in case I come across some girls in flip flops, or sandals – just in case I find a lady by the pool, barefoot laying out – or at the beach getting some sun, with sandy soles – and that’s exactly what I find.

All of my photos and videos can be seen @ (and for a limited time you can download our candid videos inside our VIP Members Section!)

Check out our all new high quality clips, and leave your comments here at our blog. Let us, and others know what you think.

Also check out our New Banners for

these banners were designed to give our candid site a lil more personality – I wanted a new look that would include some of our newer candid photos – and really show off the beauty of women’s feet – To see these in their full sizes, visit and reload the page a few times till you’ve seen them all.

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About us and (posted July 22, 2007)

Some of the following has been edited, as it’s “old” news – Really just wanted to hit on the points that I’ve chosen to go with for all previews of our Candid bare feet Videos – There are 2 awesome vids near the bottom. Enjoy!

Just wanted to take a few moments to talk to all of our wonderful Blog Readers about our video account over @

I really like this site. It’s similar to youTube except that they give Video Creators (content providers) a piece of the advertising – Advertising is a big business online nowadays; Advertising is what made YouTube worth a Buy Out on behalf of Google. Advertising is why Tom makes so much money over at MySpace.

The reason is because of You – the people who use the net – the people who visit sites like youTube, MySpace, and –

I began posting videos on because they were going to pay me for sharing my content on their site – for bringing viewers like you to their site to watch content provided by their other members.

It’s a fair deal … I also like the video quality – it’s better than youTube’s conversion – the videos look close to high quality.

But all in all, I really like the fact that they are sharing ad revenue with Content Creators; hopefully much more of this trend will continue into the future. That’s also what I like about Agloco – a site I’ve been telling you all about this month.

If you’re on our mailing list you’ve recieved quite a few emails about Agloco – I apologize now to any of you who do not like recieving invitations to participate in companies like these; Then again I am telling you about a company that will pay you Just for being online – so many of you should thank me for sharing this with you. Afterall, you could quite possibly get Rich!

It’s a long shot – but there will be people who make a significant amount of money from participating in Agloco’s online vision – A toolbar, like the Yahoo or Google toolbar, that has it’s own ads area And a search engine, all of which earn Agloco money; which in turn earns money for all of the members using the ViewBar.

It’s a phenominal concept really; Just imagine if sites like youTube and mySpace were sharing their ad revenue with it’s members; It’s already crazy now – imagine how crazy it would be if they were giving people money for how many hours they spent surfing their site… It’s the same general idea.

Everyone isn’t a business person, so I realize that talk like this isn’t very exciting – So I’ll leave you with 2 of our newest videos added to – If you’re on our mailing list there is a chance you have already seen them; But please take a moment to enjoy them again!

Incredible Shaking Feet clip

Barefoot Bookworms pt. 5 (of 10)

Sign up for Agloco – you’re online now – it’s Free – you could be earning money right now.

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8 new videos added (Vid Captures – Preview)

This post was originally made on July 29, 2007 news: today I added 8 new videos to the members area – bringing the total up to around 167 videos.

I also added a feature that will show (from now on) what date each video was added in order to help non-members see how frequent we update the members area.

Here are a few sample screen captures.

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Originally Posted, August 1st, 2007

BarefootCandid Videos

New videos were added to the site, and also new samples were uploaded to featuring full legnth previews from our Hott Candid site – Check them out below:

Bare Hose Soles 5

Bare Latina Soles 11 –

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The Official Blog for

This site, needed it’s own Blog.

Candid Bare feet, photos and videos of women in public places, all with very nice feet – often bare feet – exposed toes and soles for the gazing pleasure of foot men (and women) everywhere.

Nothing like checking out some feet … brings you that experience – brings you the adventures of footman – as he encounters bare feet literally everywhere he goes. Feet wiggling in and out of their shoes… Soles peaking out as women walk in flip flops, each shoe slapping against the soles of her feet as she walks to and from her destination…

Lovely bare soles, shown while women sit at tables, eating, talking on the phone, spending moments with their friends; Crossed legs with two bare soles rubbing together – or sitting on their tippy toes, with their feet side by side, two smooth, wrinkled, worn bare soles waving and teasing, tempting and stimulating the foot man in us all.

Lots of candid moments won’t make it onto the site; and Lots of candid moments will be shared here at our Official Blog – enjoy, the Candid Bare Feet Blog

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