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After a 2 month Vacation :: Updates scheduled to Return

Hey folks !!

I apologize for the un-announced Vacation; but It was greatly needed; In the meantime I hope many of you have enjoyed our archive of over 450 Videos of women’s sexy candid Feet.

NEW updates are scheduled to return THIS month; Please stay tuned; if you dropped your membership while I was away, now’s the time to pick it back up.


Please enjoy this FREE video from our Site!

Click here to JOIN :: Hott Candid FEET Videos for Almost Free! Below, enjoy just PART of a Video Series featuring an UP CLOSE look at bare soles, of a hot blonde girl eating lunch with her boyfriend; I was just in time!

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Nice Coffee Feet – Unreleased short video from – I’ve been kicking around the idea of releasing my Short Clips for FREE here on our YouTube Channel – So often in coffee shops we see women with beautiful feet, tapping away, enjoying their brew, paying no attention at all to the guys that pay so much attention to women’s feet – especially when they look nice like these

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Feet Videos

We’ve added some new eye candy to our Home Page – Feet Videos at the top, showcasing our awesome collection of candid bare feet videos! High Quality and linked up from our YouTube page, we’re giving you a special peak inside our Members Area.

Check out some Videos that I enjoyed from Other candid film artists…

Join today if you haven’t already, to see more of Our 100% Original candid feet videos, all in High Quality 720 p – free samples on our YouTube page.

Visit us on YouTube

Add our MySpace page – and thanks for taking the time to stop by; Check out our new Home Page feet videos, and leave your thoughts with us below.

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Asian Hunnies (end)

A new video posted to our YouTube Channel – enjoy a High Quality view of these sexy Asian Feet!

See this ENTIRE Video collection @

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YouTube Videos… Put this on Your Page

Put our Video Player on your page, and you can watch All of our Candid Videos that we post on YouTube; When we add NEW Videos, they’ll automatically load into the player; This is a Great way to Keep up with our Awesome Website;

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High Quality vids… on YouTube?


I just found out about this today – apparently if you add &fmt=18 to the end of any video, you can see the high quality version… which is great for me.

finally I can share some of our Videos with you the way they were meant to be shared; I’ve been telling you we’ve got High Quality – now see the proof!

Courtyard Soles 07 pt 6 of 11

More High Quality Versions available like:

Best of 07 – BareSoles in the Library 4 of 6

Best of 07 – School Soles 3

Jittery Soles 1 of 4

Now that I know this feature exists, I will be uploading more videos that have this option available, until I figure out how to get YouTube to add a link to my videos that are in High Quality Format; Huge difference right? VISA Users can join our site here!

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Best of 07 Videos

As I type this, the first of our Best of 07 sets are being uploaded to the site.

I’ll get some sample images up in a few here, but I’m really excited about what we’re getting ready to share with you. Close to an Hour of Footage in all, just over 25 minutes of that credited to the Court Soles set that you’re gonna love; Let me tell you a bit about it.

I started off filming the feet of a hot asian student at a local college who was finishing a meal with a friend; as usual they didn’t seem to notice me which allowed me to film her sexy bare soles straight on (no shaky camera or anything) – But, sadly this didn’t last long. After about 3 minutes she gets up and walks off; Just as she was leaving I noticed a hot asian lady sitting just outside of the courtyard area – She was a little bit older, and wearing the kind of shoes that I could tell would not stay on long.

.. but like the first girl she got up and walked off; I was a little sad but decided to make the best of a bad situation – I moved over to charge my camera on one of the outdoor outlets when, to my surprise she Returns! She sat right were I dreamed a woman would sit, and almost immediately, her bare soles came out of her shoes.

I almost pulled my cock out and jerked it right there!

I could not wait to get home to see what I was filming. This is an excellent video set, of wrinkled but soft soles – a great combination, and its all VERY Close; She literally sat down right in front of me and ate with a friend, who I later came to realize she was waiting on – apparently they got some grub, and like usual, paid no attention to the guy with the camera filming her soles dance in and out of her shoes – watching her feet rub together and her toes wiggle while free from the bondage of her shoes.

The Asian women never let me down; always a good foot show with them – and you can look forwards to lots of GREAT asian soles with this next update – which once again has just under an Hour of Candid Feet Footage. Members Only never sounded so nice.


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Updates for Januaray 2008

Hello again,

I just uploaded the last of the Fat Soles video series, hope you all enjoyed that – our members are treated to a Streaming Video page that allows them to preview all of our videos Before Downloading the High Quality, and often Huge Size files – Wanted to make a quick recommendation to our members.

Burn this stuff onto a DVD or a CD and watch these videos on your TV – HOT stuff I’m telling you!

I’m going to upload some New stuff between today and tomorrow – some of my best stuff is going up on the site, I need to clear the room on my hard drive!

Some of my very best Sole footage and sexy wigglying toe footage will be up soon; Also the super long, 45 minute + video series for Asian Hunnies is nearing completion; I’ve got about 4 parts left to show; Those really were some excellent feet and I was amazed at how long they sat there, dangling and wiggling their shoes; It’s gonna be a great month here at BFC!

stay tuned…

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New Vids: School, Fat Soles, Asian Hunnies con’t…

Just sharing some screen shots from our latest videos;

School Soles 2 & 3

Fat SOles 2 & 3

Asian Hunnies 13 & 14

We’re rapidly approaching having 8 hours of video on the site; and I’m looking forward to posting my first photo sets update in close to a year… Take a look around the best Candid Feet site online!

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New sets coming … Fat Soles!

I don’t have any images from this series yet, but it’s just over 7 minutes that I filmed a real long time ago, back in May of 07.

I zoomed in on the soles of a “big” chick; sometimes big women have incredibly sexy Soles; and that is the case here; I’m uploading the series as we speak and plan to unveil it over the next couple of days; I also have 2 more hot series that you’re gonna enjoy.

A Milf in a local coffee shop, with great soles. Her soles are worn, her heels are a lil caloused, she could do a better job taking care of her feet; Should perhaps try out that PedEgg to see what it can do for her; But none the less her soles are shaped wonderfully; and I loved how she kept dipping in and out of her shoes while talking to her friend. Just over 7 minutes of footage in this series as well.

Finally, almost 8 minutes of School soles – Footage shot from the cafeteria of a local college – an Incredible sole show, with lots of dipping, and soles rubbing together; I think she was either Asian, or Indian – She gets up and you can catch a quick glimpse of her as she leaves; That and the conclusion of our 45 minute Video series, Asian Hunnies; It’s gonna be another HOT month of Candid Video Updates here @

:Screen shots from the latest updates:

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