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Members Area Screenshots

Over the past year I have been working to steadily upgrade and improve – I changed the colors up a bit; made it more a live – the black and gold with the brown background was ok as a start, but I wanted to ensure that this site speaks to the Quality of the material to be found inside.

Adding Video to this site was a Great step in the right direction; The trouble with photographing candid feet is, feet move!! So lots of the photos do come out blurry. Troublemakers would often give me flack over this while true foot lovers would appreciate the effort, and the courage it took to pull out a camera and take photos of women’s sexy bare feet.

However where Still photography fails us, there is No blurring on the videos – the feet are live, in action – you can see what I see – and even better the Quality of the video is very much eye pleasing & sole pleasing as well …(I mean soul)

I wanted to share some shots from inside our members area with you:

Our site is Very Simple and Easy to navigate – on our home page there are links to 3 areas of the site – Our Candid Videos, Our Candid Photos & Our Candid Bare feet blog…

There’s even an area for members to sound off – sharing their opinions and thoughts on our Candid Videos & Photos ….

The video page is an exact replica of our Video Preview page that allows you to browse our entire archive; The only differences are that you have Links to download our videos, aswell as a link to Watch the streaming version online.

Our WMV Streamer page is awesome really – as you can preview any one of our videos Before you commit to download it. Here’s a shot:

Our Photos have been on a haitus for a while; I have TONS in my archive that are currently being edited, and I hope to start having NEW updates for you very, Very soon … However it’s design was also updated, with a nice New Home page – showcasing the most recently added photo sets:

The photo sets are seperated into 6 Main “collections” – making it really easy to find the photos you’re looking for.

And like our Photo Preview page you can see it’s also the same inside our members area, allowing you links to download the sets you want to add to your collections.

Join our members section today, browse our collection of photos and videos – and enjoy one of the Best candid foot sites on the internet, for just $12.50/mo – Now with over 200 Videos, and over 4,000 images of candid bare feet – this site is a major Deal!

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20 New Videos!

Members can now download and watch 20 NEW videos – Video Series’ released this month are: Red Top Girl, Coffeet, Red Dress, & Study Group – 4 hott video series of women caught on camera, wiggling their feet around in and out of their shoes.

Remember that you can keep up with our Updates by visiting our HomePage – you can also browse our Entire archive of videos (something that NO Other site allows you to do) – we now have OVER 200 videos available – In High Quality .MPG formats or Low Quality .wmv formats – Nothing sexier than watching what women do with their feet – Sign up today!

See you inside!

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Update for Tonight

I haven’t updated the site since the 25th of last month; Things have gotten a bit hectic but I have not forgotten about all of you. Really, I was giving you all enough time to enjoy our current archive.

Since the 22 video upload I have since uploaded even more videos and will be updating the members section tonight. Here is a sneak peak at what’s coming your way.

Lots of hot bare feet on the way; This is truly one of the best (if not THE best) Candid foot site on the internet; make sure you’re letting everyone know about the New blog! Stay tuned for these updates, coming during the month of September.

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22 Videos uploaded…

For the month of September I’ve already sent 22 videos to the server – and all of these files will be available for you to download – Some HOT ones too.

I spotted a couple of asian girlfriends talking in a nice foot viewing courtyard, and was lucky enough to get a seat at the right angle; Wait till you see how beautiful her feet were.

Also uploading a video series showcasing the bare soles of quite a few students, as college recently kicked back into session, and that means lots of hot college hotties with sandals and flip flops on, allowing foot men to check out some feet! The Study group videos are hot!

Speaking of hot feet on campus, I spotted another asian hottie outside on the benches doing some homework; Her sexy soles peak out at the camera plenty of timesĀ  – I wish she would’ve slipped her shoes all the way off… none the less – Hot stuff!

Especially the video of the MILF at the park; talkin on her cell phone, laying out in the grass, with her flip flops off, and her sexy Bare Soles in our face – great sole gazing video here, watch as she’ll kick her feet in the air a few times for us, and … well you’ll have to sign up and see for your self!

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