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2 asian ladies preview

All new candid video posted today @ YouTube


The best candid site??

Quite possibly is indeed the best candid foot site on the internet; I’ve put lots of time into filming feet, candid feet – totally random girls that I see while out on the town; wearing flip flops, and sometimes kicking their flip flops off.

I’ve looked at lots of candid sites and candid work – there are some really great candid footographers out there; however not many have photos And videos – the videos I’ve been able to compile over the last year have been truly wonderful. It’s a great way for me to re-live the foot gazing experiences I’ve been able to have.

The quality of these videos allows you, the viewer to re-live these experiences with me. Truth is, I have not spent nearly enough time promoting this site like I should. So Tons of foot fans know nothing about this awesome and wonderful candid foot site.

Plus, best of all – it’s incredibly affordable. For Less than $12.99/mo … you can view and download all of our awesome candid foot videos; here are some screen-caps from our newest additions to the video archive.

If you enjoy watching women’s feet – you will LOVE our members section – Our videos are High Quality, crystal clear – watch these feet wiggle, watch women’s soles, watch shoes come off – watch hott candid bare foot action!

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