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New Vids: School, Fat Soles, Asian Hunnies con’t…

Just sharing some screen shots from our latest videos;

School Soles 2 & 3

Fat SOles 2 & 3

Asian Hunnies 13 & 14

We’re rapidly approaching having 8 hours of video on the site; and I’m looking forward to posting my first photo sets update in close to a year… Take a look around the best Candid Feet site online!

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New sets coming … Fat Soles!

I don’t have any images from this series yet, but it’s just over 7 minutes that I filmed a real long time ago, back in May of 07.

I zoomed in on the soles of a “big” chick; sometimes big women have incredibly sexy Soles; and that is the case here; I’m uploading the series as we speak and plan to unveil it over the next couple of days; I also have 2 more hot series that you’re gonna enjoy.

A Milf in a local coffee shop, with great soles. Her soles are worn, her heels are a lil caloused, she could do a better job taking care of her feet; Should perhaps try out that PedEgg to see what it can do for her; But none the less her soles are shaped wonderfully; and I loved how she kept dipping in and out of her shoes while talking to her friend. Just over 7 minutes of footage in this series as well.

Finally, almost 8 minutes of School soles – Footage shot from the cafeteria of a local college – an Incredible sole show, with lots of dipping, and soles rubbing together; I think she was either Asian, or Indian – She gets up and you can catch a quick glimpse of her as she leaves; That and the conclusion of our 45 minute Video series, Asian Hunnies; It’s gonna be another HOT month of Candid Video Updates here @

:Screen shots from the latest updates:

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Ok, hope this makes up for that…

download the High Quality videos to all of these recently released candid videos! HOT stuff! I promise you 🙂 – More FRESH updates coming very soon, as part of our Massive Update!