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February Candid Feet Updates…

Been a lil slow this month – but before the month ends I’ll get New Candid videos up from some of the very best I’ve got; Would be great to get more feedback around here though; while we have a decent amount of members, and re-curring members, that lets me know people like the material; but A lil more “verbal” acknowledgment wouldn’t hurt 🙂

OK folks, just wanted u all to know I have not forgotten about you; and there are PLENTY more Candid Feet Action Videos on the way, very, Very Soon!!

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Keeping up with us?

I hope you’ve been keeping up with us lately.

I was going through my collection of candid videos from 2007 and let me just say that, if only I could sit down for a couple of weeks and do nothing but updates, you all would lay whitness to the Hottest Candid videos ever shot! …

Oh man do I have some great stuff; Not that the almost 300 videos on our site now aren’t fantastic, but Im just saying I have some really great stuff; Can’t wait to add it all. Because I have so many videos, I have barely done any candid filming so far this year; I’ve literally stopped taking candid photos, because I still have a HUGE archive of those to update and add to the site.

I just don’t have time!!!

I’ve reached out to a few foot lovers; to see if they’d be interested in helping; My offer has been simple – help edit the photos, cropping out the stuff that doesn’t need to be in the photo, tagging the photos with the site name (So people will know where they came from) – and you get to keep the pics you edit as payment….

… that seems to be where the rubber meets the road; there is one guy who says he’ll do it, but I need to try to find him to see if his interest is still as strong; not many people want to be paid in pictures… but I figure if you love women’s feet, that’s a pretty sweet deal.

There were some awesome updates towards the End of Jan – namely the video series of the Courtyard Soles – Yes! This is what happens when dreams come true! You’ll have to join to read about how I was able to get these bare soles on film… here are a few screen caps.

Also, I was able to get some videos up of some sexy worn soles, of a Milf at a local coffee shop; This is always great to do; Find a coffee shop and you’re almost sure to find some ladies in sandals relaxing their feet, playing with their shoes, and yea… if you’ve gotta camera you may come away with an awesome foot memory.

And in Honorable Mention… the awesome Soles of an Asian college girl, just before she left off for class – along with the closing of our Asian Hunnies set, which was just over 40 Minutes long in all. Join today to download the entire video series, along with All of our HOT Candid Video moments of feet doing, what you love to see feet do.

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