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Video update: March… beautiful day

It was such a beautiful day today – So hard not to go visit some of the places where I can usually find women, wearing flip flops or sandals, exposing their beautiful feet, and often kicking their shoes off, to expose their smelly succulant soles.

That, in a nutshell – is what’s responsable for the Slow posting of new videos to our site; I really truly apologize – Here is the situation as it stands today.

I have Thousands of Videos, and Hundreds of Photo Sets each containing Hundreds of Photos of women’s bare feet – and because I live in Southern California and there are so many sexy bare feet on display every single day, I find myself Filming all the time – which naturally cuts into the time I could and should be spending posting New videos and photo sets to the site.

For about a year or more now, I have been looking for a True Lover of feet to help with the editing and posting of New Photo sets to the site – and most of these efforts have proven unsuccessful. There is one guy who may pan out – and here is to the hope that he does.

I would like to make available to all of you, More of our High Quality Candid Foot material – a rarity online for you to find so much quality candid feet in one place – I’ve seen the videos on YouTube, most are shot by amateurs using camera phones – I use a High Quality Digital Camcorder which produces near HD quality videos of women’s feet – and you can watch HOURS of women’s feet in public places, tapping, dangling, flip flopping, shoe-play galore – bare Soles wiggling in your faces… and you can do it all for just $12.50 … but

If you’ve been a member for a while, chances are you have finally caught up!

So I want to make a goal to get more material posted for all of you – so that you can enjoy what I’ve been enjoying. If you like the stuff that’s on the site now, just wait …

Often while reviewing the videos, deciding on which ones will be uploaded to the site next, I find myself sooo turned on by what I’ve filmed that, you can imagine what happens next.

Please take confidence in knowing that we’re not shutting down – we’re not running out of content … and we have MUCH more to come your way, very soon.

With Currently over 8 Hours of Video contained in just under 300 video clips ranging from 1 minute to 5 minutes – this truly is The BEST candid Foot site on the internet.

Be sure to book mark us and come back for more!

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