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Paying Omage,, and Candid Vids of Feet!!!

I can remember the newsgroups, where I first started checking out women’s feet – online … One of those sites is This one, – ran by Doc…

I happened to come by it today and was reminded of how great those times were; When I started this site, one of the goals I had was to share LOTS of sexy bare feet with all of you; And we’re doing that here …

Check out all of our Candid Videos here. None of our stuff is rehearsed or staged, it’s all 100% Original, Candid Real bare soles.

I never know what I’m going to see when I’m out; but when I see a nice pair of bare soles, or some seriously hot shoot action I’m pulling out my camera, and filming so that I can enjoy the foot show later; This site gives you the opportunity to Enjoy the foot show as well; over and over again, for just $12.50 per month … Sign up now while prices are low!

That’s a very affordable deal; check us out for a month; If you dont like us, you’re out of $12.50 … If you love what you see inside, and we think you will; You’re only out of $12.50 … and what’s that really?

Gas prices are high – a Candid Feet site should not be; sign up today!!

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HUGE Update coming this weekend….

We have not posted many New videos this month; We do apologize for that; but want you to know that lots of new videos are on the way.

Also, soon we’re going to stop filming candids, to concentrate on getting our massive amounts of hot candid feet content up on the site; We’ve got TONS of stuff; Now is the time to join because when we get up to around 400 videos, prices Will go up.

Some of our visitors were smart enough to get ‘grandfathered’ in at just $5/month … they’re enjoying all of our candid content for the incredibly affordable and LOW price; We “might” run some kind of special for you all before the month is over – look for it; If not, $13/mo is SUPER Cheap, and you want to get signed up, and hang onto your membership, as we plan to post TONS of brand new videos over the next couple of months; More than you’ve seen so far.

Stay tuned… lovely, sexy, candid bare soles and toes are coming soon!!!

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