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New Updates: Contributors, and a New Look on the way!

Hey folks, how are all of you doing?

Hopefully, very well – I hope you’ve seen some sexy bare feet lately, some women in public kicking off their shoes, playing with them, popping their bare soles out of their heeled shoes, flip flops dangling and all the sexy stuff you Love to see – if not, Be sure to Join our site for some of the very Best Candid feet Videos online!

Speaking of which … I’m going to start inviting Contributors of Candid Feet Videos & photos To share their work with us here in our Blog; You’ll be able to visit their websites, and enjoy their contributions – stay tuned for that, I think it’ll be an exciting addition to our Blog.

Also, a NEW Option will be available here on our Home Page – We’re going to make it Possible for you to purchase Entire Videos From us – rather than joining to download them all; this option will be great for those of you who joined us in the past, but only want to download a ‘few’ of our videos (who knows why anyone would want to do that ??)

… But in case you do – We want to give you that choice.

Stay Tuned for that – NOW is updated Every Week! – With Videos and/or Photos added to our members section on Wed or Thurs –

Check out a few of our Recent Video updates – and be sure to keep an eye out for the Coming Updates and Welcomed additions to our Blog and Website! ©

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Members Area is back up…

Sorry for the inconvienance earlier, but our Web host moved us to a new server – this resulted in Temp Down Time for our members section.

We do apologize for the outage, but everything is working now.

Members Log In and enjoy !!

NEW Update Schedule!

In an attempt to be more ‘regular’ Updates for will now be posted every Wed or Thursday – You will get 5 new videos every Week, and Possibly 1-2 photo sets as well (YES PHOTO SETS ARE RETURNING!!)

We Love women’s feet – and nothing is hotter, than real, candid feet – women in public places, unaware that guys like you and I are checking out how they move, and position their lovely feet and toes, how they play with their shoes, how they flex their toes, and often, give us a view of their Bare Soles.

Speaking of which, we Specialize in bringing you Candid Bare Soles.

If you’re NOT a member – Join here

and look forward to Weekly Updates – now @ !!

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