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Members Area is back up…

Sorry for the inconvienance earlier, but our Web host moved us to a new server – this resulted in Temp Down Time for our members section.

We do apologize for the outage, but everything is working now.

Members Log In and enjoy !!

NEW Update Schedule!

In an attempt to be more ‘regular’ Updates for will now be posted every Wed or Thursday – You will get 5 new videos every Week, and Possibly 1-2 photo sets as well (YES PHOTO SETS ARE RETURNING!!)

We Love women’s feet – and nothing is hotter, than real, candid feet – women in public places, unaware that guys like you and I are checking out how they move, and position their lovely feet and toes, how they play with their shoes, how they flex their toes, and often, give us a view of their Bare Soles.

Speaking of which, we Specialize in bringing you Candid Bare Soles.

If you’re NOT a member – Join here

and look forward to Weekly Updates – now @ !!

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