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We’ve got some really very NICE candid videos coming your way this year in 2009; I can’t wait to release all these videos to you.

As always, we recommend you Burning these to a DVD and watching them on a Big Screen Television; or purchasing a Big Screen Monitor to enjoy these High Quality candid videos; Get the sense of being there, staring at sexy bare soles and wiggling toes – this site is a Foot Voyeur’s Paradise.

I’m also going to Release a FREE set of videos to our YouTube Channel, called “Girls Walking” – which basically are the candid videos that never made it to the site; videos that were cut short, filmed on the run, or literally a quick 10 seconds of footage of girls “walking” …

It’s one of the sexiest sights to see – a woman in flip flops or sandals walking, her shoes slapping against the soles of her feet; makes u want to pick her up and worship her soles immediately … and this Entire Collection of Vids will be released in 2009 – stay tuned for that.

If you haven’t already, Join our website – we’ve got awesome, affordable membership prices for you to get your fill, of candid bare feet!

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