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A few notes to share with you – I know I have not updated the site, or this blog in quite some time; Here is what’s been happening.

Update Schedule to Resume

Our Update scedule of Wed/Thurs will resume – NEW video series’ were added last night; and much more are coming this weekend (special updates) and Next week as well to help make up for the slack.

I’ve been Extremely Busy; but the good news is, I’ve got more than enough Candid Video Series’ to share – in fact last night I found some Oldy but Really Goodies that I can’t wait to get up on the site.

In some “sad” news – for now, I’m unable to find the Originals to a few fan favorites – Jittery Asian Library – a great video series for lovers of women’s Toes – oh man – here’s the official update on that: “It has just come to my attention, while reading the comment from aftkler, that parts 7,8,9 and 11 … sadly do not have original files; Something seems to have happened to the files; I did not have a backup for them – but Did so happen to have part 10 still; and so now it is up and working; ”

Thanks to one of our members for pointing this out – So it reminds me to tell you that if you are a member, and you spot a missing file, or a broken link, Notify me ASAP through our Contact page @

I Love women’s feet – bare feet are the sexiest part of a woman’s body (really the icing on the cake) – a girl with a great body looks even better when she’s got great feet – with that being said, I really want to increase the Candid Foot Community – I think right now it’s far too spread out.

There needs to be a Central location for good, quality candid feet content; I’ve invited many Candid Videographers from YouTube to share their work here in our blog; with Links
back to their channel or webpages – so far none have taken me up on the offer.

I think it would do all of us good – More traffic for their videos; More traffic for our blog – everyone wins. it would also give people one place to go, to find Quality Candid Feet videos like the ones you’ll find from me inside of our members section.

I’ve seen some others who do great work as well; but how do we get us all in One Place for the candid feet lovers around the world??

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