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August Bare Feet – Candids… updates

Last month, in June we released some really hot candid video series’ … hopefully our members are enjoying being part of one of the LOWEST – Most Affordable memberships for quality foot content online.

Bare feet in public are everywhere – it’s summer — I get hard just thinking about all the nice legs and feet are are waiting to be filmed; and our camera continues to catch girls in candid moments; luckily this website allows me to share those moments with foot lovers around the world!

Stay tuned as August promises some NEWLY released vids from 2007 – and 2008 — that you will absolutely Enjoy over and over again.

Also, I’d like to encourage our Members to burn our High Quality 720 p resolution candid videos to a DVD and watch them on your big screen tv’s; Nothing is better than watching a nice pair of feet on the big screen 😉 – Trust me, I’ve done it myself.

get ready for hot updates all month long!

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