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This site, needed it’s own Blog.

Candid Bare feet, photos and videos of women in public places, all with very nice feet – often bare feet – exposed toes and soles for the gazing pleasure of foot men (and women) everywhere.

Nothing like checking out some feet … brings you that experience – brings you the adventures of footman – as he encounters bare feet literally everywhere he goes. Feet wiggling in and out of their shoes… Soles peaking out as women walk in flip flops, each shoe slapping against the soles of her feet as she walks to and from her destination…

Lovely bare soles, shown while women sit at tables, eating, talking on the phone, spending moments with their friends; Crossed legs with two bare soles rubbing together – or sitting on their tippy toes, with their feet side by side, two smooth, wrinkled, worn bare soles waving and teasing, tempting and stimulating the foot man in us all.

Lots of candid moments won’t make it onto the site; and Lots of candid moments will be shared here at our Official Blog – enjoy, the Candid Bare Feet Blog

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