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After a 2 month Vacation :: Updates scheduled to Return

Hey folks !!

I apologize for the un-announced Vacation; but It was greatly needed; In the meantime I hope many of you have enjoyed our archive of over 450 Videos of women’s sexy candid Feet.

NEW updates are scheduled to return THIS month; Please stay tuned; if you dropped your membership while I was away, now’s the time to pick it back up.


Please enjoy this FREE video from our Site!

Click here to JOIN :: Hott Candid FEET Videos for Almost Free! Below, enjoy just PART of a Video Series featuring an UP CLOSE look at bare soles, of a hot blonde girl eating lunch with her boyfriend; I was just in time!

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High Quality vids… on YouTube?


I just found out about this today – apparently if you add &fmt=18 to the end of any video, you can see the high quality version… which is great for me.

finally I can share some of our Videos with you the way they were meant to be shared; I’ve been telling you we’ve got High Quality – now see the proof!

Courtyard Soles 07 pt 6 of 11

More High Quality Versions available like:

Best of 07 – BareSoles in the Library 4 of 6

Best of 07 – School Soles 3

Jittery Soles 1 of 4

Now that I know this feature exists, I will be uploading more videos that have this option available, until I figure out how to get YouTube to add a link to my videos that are in High Quality Format; Huge difference right? VISA Users can join our site here!

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